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Focus your energy on what makes you happy, allow us to do the rest.

Weekday Agency provides virtual assistance and social media management to businesses and individuals. We are completely flexible and scalable to our clients’ needs.

We empower you to get your work-life balance right and focus on what you love.


Modern Design Workspace

Virtual assistance - small business marketing 

We provide reliable and scalable assistance to businesses and individuals, and we help small businesses with their marketing. The service we provide is completely customised to our clients needs.

We get to know you, and understand what you would like to achieve with our support, then outline a monthly fee based on time required to meet your needs. 

Through our marketing support, we have helped clients promote new business venues, recruit staff, re-brand, attract new clients, increase sales, reach new markets, learn how to manage their own paid ads and schedule social media content...

Through our virtual assistance, we have managed emails, travel, coordinated meetings, recruited, set-up internal systems for accounting, HR, health & safety and legal matters, helped increase productivity by taking away the burden of important administrative duties.

Our clients enjoy our scalable and flexible availability.


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Zach Redding
Company Director | Custom Cabin & Treehouse Company

"Weekday Agency has been a huge help to my company, their work is fantastic and it's a huge weight off my shoulders to be able to hand over control of our social media to them. Having a wide range of services also makes life easy as they are my one stop shop for all things marketing, from advert design to creating content. Natasha is creative, a delight to work with and always delivers on time. "


We are a team of professionals from varied backgrounds, with a wealth of experience across many different industries and job roles.

Throughout our careers we have worked in social media marketing, human resource management, project management, event management, hospitality management, executive assistance in health care, film production and tech start-ups.


We offer tailor-made virtual assistance and social media support to suit your business needs. 


We are united in our ambition to enable companies and individuals alike to have more time in the day to focus on what they want to achieve. 

We would love to help you, get in touch for more information.

We are proudly a member of Independent Oxford


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